Lars Davidsson


Consultant Psychiatrist

Accredited Mediator (LSM)

Dr Lars Davidsson’s CV, Consultant Psychiatrist and Mediator.PDF


Jan 1985

Medical degree University Hospital of Lund

Jul 1987

Inclusion in medical registry (SWEDEN)


Psychotherapy, University of Linkoping

(Six months full time studies)

May 1991

Inclusion in specialist registry (SWEDEN)

Dr Davidsson has knowledge and is familiar with the Istanbul Protocol of 1999


Nov 2001

Consultant, South Essex Partnership Trust (UK)

1 inpatient and 2 outpatient sessions seeing approximately 30 clients per week

1 “drop in clinic” developed since 2005. Audited 2005

One session Criminal Justice Team (special interest).  Providing short and long assessments to the local magistrates/crown courts, liaising with other relevant agencies (solicitors, police, probation service). Giving evidence in court. Prison visits on request.

Community based treatment. One MDT meeting weekly, attending Child protection conferences, MAPPA meetings etc

Training of junior doctors – formal lecturing, supervision (one hour weekly)

Secondon call 1/30

Medico legal work regarding criminal and civil justice,

Insurance claims etc. Altogether written around 300 reports (mostly part of private practice)

Aug 1997-May 1998

Project manager ”Psychosocial support in BiH”

Facilitating community based psychiatry in post-war BiH on behalf of SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency). Mainly educational activities, in co-operation with The University of Sarajevo and with IOM.

Jun 1996-Dec 2001

Consultant, Dept of Psychiatry, Univ. Hosp of Lund

General adult psychiatry in a community based setting including outpatient and inpatient treatment, liaison with Social services as well as other professionals Medico legal work regarding criminal justice and refugees

Medication and training of medical students, junior doctors


Consultant ”Institute for Transcultural Treatment and Rehab” 1995- 2004

Psychiatric assessment and treatment in a transcultural context.   Private practice – mainly paid for by the local Social authorities


Project manager “Psychosocial Support for Refugees”

Building local services for psychosocial support in accordance with a self help concept. Paid by the Swedish Immigration Board.


Project manager “Development of services in Lithuania”

Facilitating community based psychiatry in Lithuania on Behalf of SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) through mainly educational activities in co-operation with University of Vilnius

May 1991-May 1996

Assistant. Consultant, Dept of psychiatry, Univ. Hosp of Lund

General adult psychiatry in a community based setting including outpatient and inpatient treatment, liaison with Social services as well as other professionals.

Six months of inpatient treatment in a specialised acute Psychosis unit

Education and training of medical students, junior doctors

Jan 1991-Mar 1996

Consultant (part time), Dept of Sexology, Univ. Hosp of Lund

Treatment of sexual dysfunction and paraphilia mainly through psychotherapeutic techniques


Feb 1988-May 1991

Specialist training, University Hospital of Lund (SWEDEN)

Training in general adult psychiatry (including six months of Child an adolescent psychiatry plus six months of internal medicine) mainly in a community based setting

Taking part in training of medical students

Aug 1984-Jan 1988

Basic medical training, Jonkoping Hospital (SWEDEN)



2013 – Part of Offender Mental Health Focus Group (CJMHT+Essex Probation)

2012 – Present – Chair SEPT NICE compliance Group

2011 – Present – Member SEPT Clinical Governance (Adult OAP) Group

2011 – Present – Member Carers Group

2010 – Present – Member SEPT Appraisal Subgroup

2009 – Present – Medical Director – Angloeuropeanclinic Ltd

2005 – Present – Appraiser, South Essex Partnership Trust

2004 – Present – Member LNC

Jul 1999 – Dec 2001 – Medical Director, Department Of Psychiatry, Landskrona

Jul 1995 – Dec 1997 – Medical Director, Department of Psychiatry, Univ, Hospital of Lund

1994 – 1997 – Clinical Director (sektorschef), Sector 4, Department of Psychiatry



  • Swedish Medical Association since 1979
  • Swedish Psychiatric Association since 1996
  • British Medical Association 2002
  • Member Society of Medical Writers since 2005
  • Elected Member Royal College of Psychiatrists April 2003
  • Member of Faculty of General on Community Psychiatry
  • Member of Spirituality and Psychiatry Special Interest Group
  • Member of Private Practice Special Interest Group
  • On Media list (2009)
  • CESR Evaluator 2009-2011
  • Member of Criminal Justice and Prison Inreach Service Group
  • Member of Brady Subgroup- Courts (2010)
  • Elected Fellow Royal Society of Medicine February 2006
  • Elected Member European Association of Psychiatrists 2006
  • Elected Member European Association of Psychiatrist special interest group- Transcultural Psychiatry 2007
  • Elected member Institute of Expert Witnesses March 2009
  • Member of APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) 2010
  • Member of Medico Legal Society 2010


  • CESR evaluator- 2009-2011
  • College Representative Bradley Subgroup (Courts)
  • On College Media List
  • Member of Criminal Justice and Prison In-reach Service Group
  • Member of Faculty of Community Psychiatry
  • Member of Spirituality Special Interest Group
  • Member of Private Practice Special Interest Group
  • Panel member ARCPS 10/6/2011+24/6/2011 (Eastern Deanery)
  • Royal College representative Appointments Panels 2010-cont
  • Member workgroup Consent (e-group) 2011-


  • Attended “10th World Congress of Sexology” Amsterdam 1991
  • Attended “10th World Symposium in the Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia” Stockholm 1991
  • Attended CINP Nice 1992
  • Attended symposia CINP “Critical Issues in Depressive Illness” Paris 1994
  • Attended IASR (International Academy of Sex Research) 1994
  • Management courses University Hospital of Lund, Sweden cont.
  • Attended WCP Madrid August 1996
  • Attended ECP Prague 2000
  • Attended DGPPN Berlin 2003
  • Attended ”Excellence in Report Writing” Edinburg, March 2004
  • Attended APA, New York 1/5/04-6/5/04
  • Attended ”Managing Psychosis in general Adult Psychiatry” Vienna 13/6-15/6/04
  • Attended RCPsych Annual Meeting, Edinburgh 2005
  • Attended ”An update on current issues in schizophrenia” London Nov 2005
  • Appraiser Training SEPT 2005
  • Attended AEP, Nice 2006
  • Attended RCPsych Annual Meeting, Glasgow 2006
  • Attended ”Negotiating skills” BMA 2006
  • MHA Section 12 Refresher Training Course Nov 2006
  • Attended ”Mind and Spirit” Chelmsford 2007 5/2/2007
  • Attended ”Teaching the Teachers to Teach” 2007
  • Attended AEP, Madrid 17-21/3/2007
  • Attended ”From the Gulf War to Iraq” 24/4/2007
  • Attended Mental Capacity Act training (RCPsych) 27/4/2007
  • Attended ”Adult ADHD” Watson&Crick Lecture Series, London 6/7/2007
  • Attended Lundbeck seminar Copenhagen (Cipralex) 24/10/2007
  • Impact on Relapse in Schizophrenia, Park Inn, London Heathrow 30/1/2008
  • Understanding the Challenge of Depression, Birmingham 26/2/2008
  • MHA 2007- conversion training 26/6/2008
  • WPA Prague 20/9/2008-25/9/2008
  • Medico legal expert Witness Course Oct 2008
  • Bond Solon Conference Nov 2008
  • Master class Anxiety-Pfizer Ltd Nov 2008
  • EPA-Lisbon 24-28/1/2009
  • Psychiatry Live- Astra Zeneca 1-2/4/2009

(CPD value 5)

  • Coroners Courts- SEPT 5/5/2009

(CPD value 6)

  • CESR Training Day for evaluators- RCPsych 15/5/2009

-So far done 2 assessments (CPD value 5)

  • Current Thinking in the Treatment of Depression Eli Lilly&Co 16/6/2009
  • Expert Witness Institute- Annual Conference June 2009

(CPD value 5)

  • Clinical and Educational Supervisors Accreditation Course 27/10/2009

(CPD value 3)

  • Faculty of General and Community Psychiatry Annual meeting 2009 15-16/10

(CPD value 12)

  • Management Essentials- BMA 12/3/2010 (CPD value 6)
  • RCPsych-Spiritual and Religious Healing: Implications for Mental Health 16/4/2010 (CPD value 6)
  • RCPsych-College Assessor Training Day 13/5/2010 (CPD value 6)
  • Mindfulness- weekend course London, 2 days 12-13th June 2010 (CPD value 9)
  • Expert Witness Institute –Annual Conference 30/6/2010 (CPD Value 5)
  • Private Practice-Getting the Balance (RCPsych) 13/10/2010 (CPD Value 6)
  • Forensic Psychiatry Research Society Autumn Meeting/Conference 19th November 2010 (CPD value 6)
  • Medico legal Expert Witness Course- Clinical Negligence 25th November 2010

(Healthcare Knowledge Ltd) (CPD value 6)

  • CESR evaluator Contribution 2010 (CPD value 5)
  • Legal Training for SEPT (Hempsons) 19th of May 2011
  • Approved Clinicians Refresher Course Cambridge 20/9/2011
  • Attended RCPsych General & Community Psychiatry Annual Meeting 13/10/2011-14/10/2011 (CPD 12)
  • Safeguarding the Truth; Custodial Concerns RSM 15/10/2011 (CPD 5)
  • Secure MH Services Fifth Annual PDP conference 25/11/2011 (CPD6)
  • Mediation Training-London School of Mediation 16th-20th Jan, 2012 (CPD 30)
  • QIPP 9/2/2012
  • CINP Stockholm 3rd -7th June 2012 (CPD 24)
  • 360 Degree Appraisal
  • Mandatory Fire Training 20/9/2012
  • SEPT In-House Clinical and Educational Supervisors Update Course 25/10/2012 (CPD 2)
  • RST Appraisers Top Up Training 25/10/2012 (CPD 3.5)
  • POHM –UK Regional Workshop (ADHD) London 23/11/2012 (CPD 6)
  • Medico legal Course- Specialist info 30/11/2012 (CPD 6)
  • Mediation Observation 3/12/2012 (CPD 2)
  • Mediation Observation 10/12/2012 (CPD 2)
  • Accredited Mediator 10/12/2012


  • Occurrence of gamma-trace…Acta Endocrinologica 1983,104:69-76
  • Psychotherapy as a method of treatment- popular press.
  • Various articles concerning Bosnia in newspapers
  • Various articles concerning psychiatry in popular press and WEB publications (, Proof reading factsheets for BUPA)
  • Jack The Ripper-the definitive story” Chanel 5
  • “He is psychotic, maybe bordering…” The Scotsman 11 March 2011-09-25
  • “Diagnosing and monitoring ADHD” Private Healthcare (Web) UK March 2011
  • “He will be scared…” The Scotsman 15th of May 2011-09-25
  • “Welfare and legal aid cuts could lead to more baby Ps” The Guardian 10th of May 2011
  • “Scientists could find genetic link to schizophrenia” 10th of August 2011
  • “Treatments can modify autistic behaviour” 15th of August 2011
  • Written two book chapters for a Forensic Psychiatry textbook (Consent and Clinical Negligence) edited by Prof Purim. Accepted and in print in the end of 2013.
  • Interviewed Sky News Nov 2012- Asperger’s Syndrome


  • DREAM Audit-Willow/Cedar ward (with Dr Lewis) 2010
  • Drop in clinic- Client satisfaction 2011
  • Medical Records Audit- 2011
  • Part of PDU Project Taylor Centre
  • National Audit of Schizophrenia 2011-participated
  • Audit supervisor (Dr Yomi) Clozaril Audit 2012
  • Lead POHM UK 2g South Essex


Various lectures/seminars regarding sexology, psychiatry, medico legal work and psychopharmacology during many years in different settings.

  • “Sexual dysfunction and Choice of Neuroleptics”- Oct 2007 SHO paid for by Lilly
  • ”Psychiatry in Southend” Relate 3/10/2008
  • ”Treatment of Psychosis” CPPE (Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education) 3/8/2008
  • ”Depression-some personal thoughts” GP Group June 2009 paid for by Boeringer Ingelheim
  • “Adult ADHD, NICE and Qb Test” GP refresher Course 8th April 2011 and 22nd of Sept 2011
  • “PTSD- and how to recognise it” VIP Conference London 14th of April, 2011
  • “Drop in Clinic”- Internal Postgraduate Training 16/6/2011
  • “Out of Hours services” local GPs Southend 21/6/2011
  • “Avoiding Medico-Legal Pitfalls in Psychiatry” 27/9/2011 paid by Jaensen
  • “PTSD, Soldiers and Prison” RCPsych General & Community Psychiatry Annual Meeting 14/10/2011 Workshop
  • Depression- some personal thoughts. GP refresher Course Nov 2012


Invited presentation of the Queens Award (HARP) 14th June, 2012


Fluent in Swedish (read and understand Danish and Norwegian well), decent skills in German (read and speak well), speak some French and Croatian (superficial conversation)


12 months- Royal Swedish Naval Medical Corps (Sergeant).

GMC number 6031505


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